September 2016 Visitors

Eleanor Drury from the UK came to volunteer for 2 months and participated in all the activities with the kids. Swimming and sports were big on her list and the she really threw herself into keeping the kids happy and occupied.

Lara from APO Church in Oberhausen Germany – long time supporters and friends of Sarnelli House sent one of their girls to volunteer at Sarnelli House for 1 year. We welcome Lara and already she is part of the Sarnelli House family.

Shay and Sharon Farrelly from Ireland visited for the first time and made new friends with all the children and staff. Thanks for the great photography and see you again soon.

Debbie Willis another long time volunteer from the UK and good friend to all came for 3 weeks to volunteer. She bought her generosity and fun again to the kids and staff and it was sad to see her leave.

Anne O’Riordan  -  Brian’s mother came to visit from Ireland. She met some of the children she sponsors, took the girls from Vienghuk out to the cinema and enjoyed catching up with her son and daughter in law. 

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