October 2016 Visitors

Morgan Haupt from Germany came for three weeks to volunteer in the school holidays. She was enthusiastic and active and became involved in all the activities – she was great fun and when the holidays were over she went on to volunteer to teach English in Chiang  Rai northern Thailand. We wish her well.

Amanda Freymond and Marcelle Hoondert  from Switzerland came for the month through  Pimali Association (www.pimali.org). The girls had to stay at Mutmee Guesthouse because Charlene House was full but they arrived every morning bright and keen to start the day with the children. Thanks you girls you were great!

Thor Vaassen from Australia and Khun Wang from Thailand arrived together for the school holidays to start their art classes and teach the children new skills in arts and crafts . They are a much loved duo and their visit is looked forward to each year. As well as art they do sports, take kids out on activities and teach English.

Lea Ehling from Germany arrived for 2 months. It was her first visit to Thailand and she has been a great help at House of Hope  - helping exercise and feed Nuna one of our girls with severe physical disabilities.

Andy Eadsforth from the UK – long time friend and volunteer of Sarnelli House helped out again with trips to Tesco and dinners out for the kids in his week here.

Olly Johanne Lid from Norway and Tia Sorensen from Sweden came volunteering through the Jan and Oscar Foundation (http://www.pimali.org/about-us). They are in Thailand teaching English and came to volunteer at Sarnelli while their local school was on holidays. Great to have you here girls.

Bullet from Thailand, a nephew of Fr Ole came to volunteer. He got involved in everything and it was great to have a Thai speaker help out the volunteers and the kids. Good luck with your trip next year.

Leo Wu from Taiwan came again for a week and sponsored a fantastic trip to the water park in Udon Thani among other activities.

Much loved friends Leon and Henriette Castermans from Stichting Vrienden van Sarnelli , The Netherlands came to lend a hand and to report on their recent for the refurbishment of the House of Hope  http://www.vriendenvansarnelli.nl 

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