October 2015 Visitors

Debbie from the UK is a regular visitor to Sarnelli House and is much loved by all the kids and the staff. She came for over two weeks, baked and swam with the children and also took them on days out. 

Stephanie, originally from the UK but now based in Singapore, visits Sarnelli House once or twice every year and she had a lovely five days here in October. Stephanie helped to take the little ones on days out and brought her usual energy to Sarnelli House.

Thor Vaassen is another regular and much loved visitor to Sarnelli House. He came for three weeks in October and, like always, gave his everything to the children here. He went swimming, played football, did arts and crafts, oversaw an Art competition with his friend Wang Chamchoy and took the kids on days out. We look forward to him coming again soon.

Wang is a well known artist from Chiang Mai and the kids love his visits. He always comes here at the same time as his friend Thor Vaassen and together they taught art techniques and ran a Christmas card competition. The children here greatly respect Wang and his resilience and talent.

Leon and Henriette are from the Netherlands and are part of Stichting Vrienden Van Sarnelli, a charity which raises funds for Sarnelli House. They are very familiar faces around here and are very popular with the children and the staff. Leon & Henriette took part in arts and crafts and swimming and also made their famous french fries for lunch one day. The children love this treat and lined up eagerly for their cornet of delicious french fries.

Rotary Forbes, Australia

Five member of Rotary Forbes in NSW, Australia came to visit for a week. Jeff, Peter, Ross, Graham worked hard at painting the classrooms at Sarnelli House and Viengkhuk and also discussed plans for solar panels and water pumps with Fr Shea and Fr Ole. They even had time to teach the Sarnelli boys some cricket! Paul set up a dental clinic and taught the children tooth brushing techniques. The kids were (mostly!) brave in the dentist’s chair, even if a few needed extractions. We thank the guys for their help and we’re sure they’ll be back again.

Tom, originally from Norway, and his wife Nid live in Pattaya and work as travel agents. They have a new business called Nialaya Jewellery and came to lend their support to Sarnelli House. Tom brought his drone plane and wowed the kids with it. They played skipping with the boys, swam and accompanied the children on days out to a waterfall and some shopping.

Guy Huelot and his daughter Mandy came all the way from Kentucky, USA to see us at Sarnelli House. Mandy had been here seven years ago and was thrilled to meet Hippo, the girl from Jan & Oscar when sponsors. The delight was mutual as little Hippo grew a few inches when she saw Mandy. Guy has been a good friend to Sarnelli and he enjoyed seeing the farm and meeting all the children.

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