November 2015 Visitors

‘The Wedding of the Year’ took place in Don Wai in early November as our Australian nurse, Kate Introna married Irishman, Brian O’Riordan. We had guests from all over the world, including both families and lots of friends from Ireland, Australia and the UK. Regular visitor Andrew Eadsforth and his friend David Lyons, who acted as unofficial photographer, were popular guests with the children. It was the third visit for Kate’s mother, Bernadette as well. The kids loved the big day and many of them read or sang during the ceremony or danced afterwards. Everyone had lunch together outside Charlene House and then retired to watch the boys and girls play football on the sports field. It was a truly memorable day.

Petra Steinkamp, Dirk Bröstler, Petra Bröstler-Frohne and Annika Kruppa

Our friends from APO Church in Oberhausen, Germany came for a week or so. Petra Steinkamp has been here many times and knows the lie of the land well. Annika was paying her third visit and Dirk and his wife Petra their first. They spent time with the children and staff and bought goods for the houses as a gift from their church. We had a wonderful party with all of the children, featuring a live Skype video call to their church service in Oberhausen. The children here danced for the congregation there and Fr Shea and Fr Ole spoke to the people watching. It was a lovely evening and the children enjoyed it greatly.

Laurence Pian and Caroline Jurgens

Laurence and Caroline from the Jan & Oscar Foundation in Switzerland came for a visit. They have been to see us before and it was a pleasure to have them here again. Laurence’s mother, Brigette and their friends, Mary-Therese and Frances accompanied them on their trip. We are very grateful for all of the support they have given us.

Fr Chuck Beierwaltes, C.Ss. R.

Fr Chuck has been coming to visit us every year from the very beginning of Sarnelli House. He is a long time friend of Fr Shea and a very good friend of all of the children and staff. Fr Chuck is a wonderful fundraiser in the USA and the link between scores of sponsors and the children. He is also full of joy and positivity and his good cheer makes him much loved by all of the children and staff. He played Santa Claus at the Christmas party which made him very loved indeed! Fr Chuck stayed for three months and the golf cart was re-named ‘The Chuckmobile” in his honour. He put on pizza parties and a staff lunch and was his usual generous and supportive self.

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