February 2016 Visitors

Michael & Janet O’Connor

Michael O’Connor, from the USA, is a cousin of Father Shea’s and he and his wife, Janet, are annual visitors to Sarnelli House. Their stay is always full of fun and laughter and they have developed a great relationship with the staff and the children. They organised a pizza party for the kids, built a wooden Jenga game for them as well and most importantly, on their 40th wedding anniversary, Michael and Janet renewed their marriage vows at the Saturday morning children’s mass. It was a lovely moment.

Anya’s family

Ralf and Petra Morzuch came to visit their daughter Anya, who is volunteering at Sarnelli House for a year. Anya’s brother, Matthias, came as well. Anya is very important to everybody here so it was lovely for all her new friends to meet her family. they had great fun with the kids and did some sightseeing as well.

Tommy Kelly & Jai

Tommy hails from Dublin in Ireland and he and his partner Jai have been a frequent and generous visitors to Sarnelli House for many years, undertaking and helping to pay for projects. This year, this year they supported the purchase of milk for the girls at the Jan & Oscar House.

Lyle and Lary Miller

Lyle comes from California but has a great connection to Thailand. He is a friend of Fr. Shea’s for over 60 years. Lyle has visited Sarnelli House before and is a thoughtful and calming presence around the place. This time, Lyle travelled with his brother, Lary and they enjoyed their time here very much.


Brian is a friend of Fr Ole’s and came to see us from his home in Singapore. He is a qualified counsellor and works a lot with teenagers. During this visit, he spent a lot of time with our staff, helping them to examine some of the challenges they regularly face in taking care of so many troubled children. These sessions were extremely interesting and valuable for some of our staff.

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