December 2016 Visitors

Fred and Wendy Crandall Amidon from Hawaii came for  their first visit to Sarnelli House and enjoyed a Sarnelli House Christmas. Wendi played football and helped out on ladies football team. They both played and spent time with the children and were great fun to all.

Sheree and Levani Lipton both from Hawaii and long time benefactors of Sarnelil House came for a much anticipated visit. They saw all the children and the results of their generosity over the years. It was lovely to welcome them and have them stay with us.

Khun Jub and Dr Apinya from Pattaya came for a Christmas visit. Thank you both for your generosity and see you next Christmas!

Khun Nus, her mother and B Plus from Thailand spent Christmas at Sarnelli House. Khun Nus and B Plus followed up on the Brace Love jewellery project they developed with the girls at Vienghuk and sold many items at the market in UD town before coming to spend Christmas with the children. We thank them for their motivation and generosity.

Irene and Manu Hiralal from Switzerland came again to visit and spent time with their sponsored children. They also inspected the school room on Jomp’s Farm for the farm boys which they donated. They distributed donuts and largesse  to all. We hope to see them next year as well.

Manon from The Netherlands and friend of Vrienden van Sarnelli came to visit and was introduced to the children and staff at the end of her travel around Asia. Good luck with your plans for the future and come back again.

Kanya from the USA and family and friends visited for some days and put on a big lunch for the children in honour of her husband “Smitty” whose ashes are interred in the Sarnelli House cemetery. Thank you for your ongoing generosity. 

 Ms Shirley Gamble and Fr David from RIS school in Bangkok arrived with 9 students for a weekend. They were a great bunch and the kids enjoyed all the activities they had prepared as well as their generosity from the money they had raised at  school. New underwear, sporting equipment, hygiene products and diapers were among the goods purchased for the children. We hope to see more students next year from RIS and thank them for their long time support of Sarnelli House.

Laurel Jansury -  Donor Engagement Executive, from the Thai Childrens’ Trust UK came to see all the projects of TCT and spent a couple of days getting to know Sarnelli House.

Ben and Angelique Ummels from The Netherlands and co founders of  Vrienden van Sarnelli came for a visit which was too quick. See you next year for much longer. 

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