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Latest Updates

July 2014

July 15, 2014

I am writing the monthly update during the absence of Fr Mike Shea. I am expecting to have a smooth and quiet month while the classes are resumed but it is impossible for Sarnelli House.

After the reshuffling the children and houses – the boys stay …

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 Go Patrick!
Follow him at

Final video from Patrick

Fundraising Efforts 2014
Many thanks to our fundraisers who worked to raise money for the children and were from all around the world:
Cebo Ride (USA), Achter kids (USA), Vrienden van Sarnelli (NL), Patrick Mans (NL), Mark Ayers (AUS) read more
School has started (2014)
School has started !! and with the new Thai school commencing  Sarnelli House has had a bit of a reshuffle and kids and staff have been moved around to ... read more
One of our girls who lived at Sarnelli House for more than 10 years has now begun to live an independent life in Nongkhai.  Now she is 21 years old  and she ... read more




April 2014 Visitors

May 25, 2014

Our regular friends from The Netherlands and new neighbours Ben and Angelique and Leon and Henriette came for 1 month. They are always welcomed back like family and it is sad to say goodbye to them.


Sam Hodge, sponsor from Australia visited again and enjoyed his weekly hospital trips to Kho…

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March 2014 Visitors

April 8, 2014


Thanks to the 4 special ladies of the British Women Group in Bangkok who came bearing gifts from their members. Your visit was much appreciated and hope to see you again soon.


 Stephanie and Alex from Switzerland with their daughter Asia came to see the start of the building for their PIM…

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