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December 2014 (Merry Christmas!)

December 22, 2014


We are only one day away from our first of four Christmases, and we still have a lot to do. Fr. Ole, the pastor of three parishes and our children’s chapel, is hard at work with last minute preparations. The kids voted not to go cam…

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Merry Christmas Newsletter 2014 (Download here)

Mushroom project
- Update (Nov 2014
- Proposal (Sep 2014)
Thank you very much for supporting the project!

- รายงานความคืบหน้า (พ.ย. 2557)
- โครงการ (ก.ย. 2557)

Fishing the fish ponds
Out on Jomp’s Farm the fish are literally jumping out of the water as the farm workers and the boys from Jan and Oscar House,  shoulder deep in brown, ... read more

All Souls Day
All Souls Day was celebrated at Don Wai on Saturday 1st November at 8am. The little cemetery next to Sarnelli House was cleaned and tidied and the villagers’ graves had flowers and candles on them... read more


October 2014 Visitors

November 20, 2014

Debbie Willis from the UK returned to Sarnelli House after a 3 year absence,  Debbie returned with her usual generosity and enthusiasm and she was welcomed back with much love by all the staff and children.

 Thor Waassen from Australia came again for his visit and got involved in all the act…

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September 2014

November 8, 2014

Thanks to Rebecca Robyns from the UK, visiting Thailand to do some photography for Thai Children's Trust. She took some gorgeous shots of the kids and the work of Sarnelli House and we hope she comes and visits again. 


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